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FUT 20 - Character Customization

time 12/18/2019

FUT 20 introduces a new character creation system. Developers were well aware that the experience in the game depends on how players design their avatars. That's why they have updated the old character system. The new system is available for all game modes, not just Pro Clubs. Players will discover more options when it comes to creating their character. A better four-quadrant axis morphing feature allows players to define the avatar's aesthetics. Thanks to this improvement, players are able to customize several facial features. Skin tones and many other options are available.

This new tool gives each player the chance to create a one of a kind avatar. Don't worry as the features of the old system are still here. Options such as commentary name, goalkeeper gloves, and favorite celebrations are still available. The new avatar system is so comprehensive that you can spend hours playing with it. However, keep in mind that physical customization is just a part of it. You also get to make choices that will impact your footballer's behavior on the field.

Following the community's feedback, the team re-added some requested positions. Left and right forward, left and right winger, and left wing back and right wing back are once again part of the game. The players will choose position, height, and weight for their footballers. All these choices will affect how the avatar plays. The physical attributes will be influenced as well. Another game component that received attention is stamina. This year's stamina has a risk versus reward mechanic. This was achieved by modifying the values.

Those who choose to go with stamina and pace will notice that their other attributes have to suffer. You are in charge of deciding if it's worth it or not. A newly created Pro Clubs character will have 80 OVR. You can increase your rating by performing well in several activities. Take part in cup matches, drop in, and leagues. The player traits have gone through some modifications as well. There are more than 30 new traits in this year's game. You can match them with specialty traits and obtain unique characters. The traits will help your footballer but keep in mind that they might affect the attributes. Do you like this year's character creation system? How much time did you spend customizing your character?

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(Contributed by Reda)

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