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FUT 20 – What's New in UT, Career Mode, and Volta

time 12/19/2019

The latest FUT 20 update brought changes to UT, career mode, and Volta. Here are the changes and bug fixes introduced by the update regarding these modes. A counter that shows played games was added. Players will see it when they select an opponent for squad battles. This counter keeps tracks of  the first 40 weekly matches. The counter will also consider the skipped games.

The weekly score is determined by the first 40 matches. The counter will allow players to easily keep track of how many weekly games they still have to play. If you were troubled by the issue that made the user interface and items to be loaded at different times while you were selecting kits, you will be relieved to know that it was fixed. The FUT Champions rank crest will now correctly display on the FUT Online and Hub tabs. In career mode after finishing contract negotiation, there was a graphic problem when the action list on the squad HUB was opened.

Those who are enjoying Volta mode will be glad to know that some issues were resolved. During the kick off, the name of the player who just scored was not always displayed. Thanks to the update, the name will now be shown.

If you equipped the Open Winter FC Windbreaker jacket on your avatar but didn't see it, you will be glad to know that this issue was fixed. The issue that prevented players from accessing the team management screen during survival games was now addressed. In kick off mode, the live form arrows will now correctly display in team management before the game.

Some visual issues that occurred when entering and exiting team management from the pause menu while a game played, were also fixed. Players are encouraged to report any issue they encounter. Most of the time, it is the players' reports that let the developers know that there are issues that need attention.

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