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How much will the SBC of Messi POTM cost?

time 12/25/2019

The SBC of Messi POTM will be available from next Wednesday at FUT 20. At the time when it was announced to everyone, his eyes lit up, but the truth is that he will have to scratch his pocket to get this player.
When EA Sports announced that it had chosen Messi for this month's LaBiga special SBC, it was all happiness, joy and enthusiasm. All users imagined with the Argentine star in their squad, which would give the final jump to stop suffering in FUT Champions.
The moment the hype passed by the arrival of this letter, came sadness, anguish and despair. It is clear that getting a player through SBC is usually easier, simpler and more convenient than going to the market and buying it. However, this time it will be very hard to meet expectations.
We are talking about a card that would have 96-97 average points, since it has other special versions. Normally, we have had SBC of 90 rating cards, but never, at least in this FUT, of as much potential as Leo Messi.
Taking as an example Thiago Silva, central with an average of 90, the requirements that are requested are a single template of average 85 with an IF, so it would have a price of approximately 100,000 coins. But we cannot be guided by this card since it is a defense, a position that usually has less impact on the game.
Let's try Di María, who is Argentine, has an average of 89 and has recently left. In this case, we are asked for a template of 85 and another of 84. Seeing how all these SBCs are working, it seems clear that they usually take as standard measure to request a template with four points less assessment.
If we return to focus on the letter of Messi, we have already said that it will have 96 points on average, so if we apply the rule that we have discovered, they should ask us for a template of 91-90 valuation, something completely impossible.
What will they do to solve this? Surely they raise the level of extra requirements. A couple of templates on average 87 and two on average 86 seem to be taken by no one. Only with this we would already be talking about almost a million coins. But, as if that were not enough, seeing what has happened in other editions, they can ask us for special challenges such as that all the players are Argentinian or LaLiga, so their price could skyrocket even more.
At the moment there is nothing certain, but if we had to put an approximate figure of the price of this Messi, we would play it at two million output, being able to go down to a million and a half as the weeks go by and people complete the challenge.
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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)

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