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FUT 20 vs PES 2020: Comparative Shows Which Football Game Is Best (Second Part)

time 01/03/2020

We are back with the second part of the match between FUT 20 and PES 2020! Join us on this epic travel!

Once again, it is in the game modes that FUT 20 gives a ball to its direct competitor. Although PES 2020 has improved slightly from its predecessor, with a new Master League interface and a clearer, easier-to-find home menu, much of its content has been reheated without further change. MyClub, for example, is virtually identical to the previous year, and inferior to FUT Ultimate Team in every conceivable way.
FUT 20's biggest asset is the new Volta game mode. While not as fun and deep as the late FUT Street franchise, street football helps bring more variety to the package, which also suffers from its stagnant career mode. Still, thanks to the improved online structure, the most exciting division system and much more content, FUT 20 wins the game in its own way.

The bigger the official licensing of leagues around the planet, the more complete and full of options will be a football simulator. Judgment here is very complicated, as FUT 20 and PES 2020 have taken completely different approaches. The Konami series has invested everything in national football, while EA's franchise remains brilliant in foreign leagues.
If what matters most to you is to play with the teams in Brazil, PES 2020 is undoubtedly the best game because it brings together all the teams in series A and B with their proper uniforms - most of them with correct casts. There are several Brazilian stadiums to use, from Maracanã to Morumbi, but the game is lacking in the European leagues, with few LaLiga or Premier League teams.
FUT 20 does just the opposite, disappointing at the lack of national content, but making up for hundreds of official teams from around the globe, in addition to the official license of the UEFA Champions League, the world's leading football tournament. Both games have narration and menu in Portuguese, so the winner depends only on their preference for national or international football.

As the end of the current generation of consoles approaches, both FUT 20 and PES 2020 show relative stagnation. Close to reaching the maximum hardware power of today's consoles, the two games are beautiful and polished, perfect to please football fans.
PES 2020 is best recommended for players who want to play Brasileirão and enjoy the best Master League mode in the series, while FUT 20 appeals to its loyal players with a wealth of official leagues and game modes. Still, in terms of graphics and gameplay, Konami has taken the lead in the ranking of best football games of 2020.
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