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FUT 20: Meet the best left wingers of the football game

time 01/10/2020

In FUT 20, sidelines are very important in building a team. Players in this position are versatile and assist the defenders in defense, as well as contribute to climbs on the sides of the attack. Among those who play on the left, there are good options for Ultimate Team and other game modes, including three Brazilian names.

We listed the top ten best left backs of FUT 20 for all game modes. Although some players have been dealt special cards on the Ultimate Team, their regular card levels are not yet among the top of the rank. Remember that the title is available for PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

1. Jordi Alba (Barcelona / Spain)

Barcelona's full-back is the best of the position in the Ultimate Team. With 90 rhythm, it's the fastest left back on the list. The 30-year-old still has two special cards so far, reaching 88 overall.

2. Andrew Robertson (Liverpool / Scotland)

In real life, Robertson is one of the main offensive pieces of European champion Liverpool. In soccer simulator, it is the second best of position. At 25, it is an excellent choice for those with money to spend in Career mode, reaching overall 89 at its full potential. In Ultimate Team, you have two special cards, reaching overall 86.

3. Alex Sandro (Piedmont Calcio / Brazil)

First Brazilian on the list, Alex Sandro plays for Juventus, who is not licensed in FUT 20 and is called Piedmont Calcio. The player revealed in Santos has good dribbling attributes, physical strength and defense. At 28, he has already reached his full potential overall in Career mode, but remains a great option for casting.

4. Marcelo (Real Madrid / Brazil)

Among the names on this list, Marcelo has one of the biggest resumes in football. There are two World Cups played and four UEFA Champions League titles. Real Madrid's full-back still has good attributes in FUT 20, despite being 31 years old. Its main quality is dribbling, reaching the maximum level of five stars in skill.

5. David Alaba (Bayern Munich / Austria)

David Alaba is the only representative of the Bundesliga, the German championship. The 27-year-old Bayern player stands out for being solid in all major areas and has four bad-legged stars out of five. For Austrian nationality, it may be a little more difficult to find other players to create Ultimate Team rapport with outside the German league.

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(Contributed by Salazar Cien)

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