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FUT 20 – How Do You Handle One on One Gameplay?

time 01/24/2020

FUT 20 aims to recreate the exciting one on one situations from real football. Those who watch the most important games know that these situations are spectacular encounters, especially when two football legends clash on the field. This year's installment in the EA SPORTS FUT series wants players to feel the same when they find themselves in front of the opponent in such a situation.

The overhaul of the positioning feature should create more opportunities for players to be in this type of situation. If you have missed one on one gameplay in the past games, then you should be happy with this year's edition. The two players, the one who dribbles and the one who defends, have more time to react. They will be able to better assess the situation and find a way to get out of it. This goes hand in hand with the developers' vision for the 2019 game. They want players to analyze and plan their moves rather than simply automatically responding. This brings the game closer to real football where strategy and adaptation are important. 

FUT 20 is a competitive multiplayer game but it doesn't lack single-player content. It is one of the reasons many players enjoy it. This is why it is important how AI-controlled players behave. This system went through some serious changes that allowed for the players to have a realist behavior.

From this point of view, FUT 20 is the most advanced game in the series. The players are reacting depending on the situation. The matches feel less frantic and more tactical. Players aim to maintain the formation. Their actions are dictated by strategy. The game has a slower pace that allows analyzing and tactical decisions. This doesn't mean that the gameplay is now boring and games take forever. It simply means that players will keep an eye on the enemy and develop strategies based on the input. Both the dribbler and the defender have new tools that help them deal with a one on one situation.

The game now has a new strafe dribbler, controlled tackling, and an agile jockey system. There are some new commands as well. Make sure to learn the commands for the new moves such as lofted ground passes and lofted ground through passes. A driven lobbed through pass can also be done. Slow dribbles and strafe dribbles are among the new moves. Players can set up touch and the goalkeeper can cross intercept. Practice them and you will win many games.

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(Contributed by Reda)

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