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Boca is fully involved in electronic sports and adds Rojitas to FUT 20

time 03/19/2020

According to what was leaked by the journalist Claudio Civiello, Boca Juniors would be looking favorably into diving into esports competitions, landing with teams from Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FUT and League of Legends. This goes hand in hand with many of the statements by the vice president of the bank entity, Mario Pergolini, who repeatedly pointed out the importance of involving the team in the world of electronic sports. For its part, the club continues to have action in FUT 20 with the Copa Libertadores mode, since Ángel Clemente Rojas, one of the glories of the institution, who will have his icon card for the UT mode.

The last weeks they had the Boca Juniors club very close to the world of video games. The launch of the Copa Libertadores DLC in FUT 20 not only reintroduced the team to the EA Sports title, but also featured Juan Román Riquelme as an icon card. This had a great impact both by fans of Xeneize and the community of players in general, given the importance of "Topo Gigio".

Román's arrival to the famous game modality will not be the only one from Boca, since Ángel Clemente Rojas, one of the club's greatest legends, will have his own icon card. His introduction will be very interesting, since he is a player perhaps not so well known to the youngest.

However, the news that links the riverside club with gaming does not seem to end. The club's supporter journalist, Claudio Civiello, reported through his social networks that Boca Juniors could end his agreement with Konami and return fully to FUT. As filtered by Civiello, the last champion of the Argentine Super League would have everything agreed with EA Sports to carry out a scanface of the squad and give him once again the rights to use La Bombonera.

This goes hand in hand with the statements that Mario Pergolini, vice president of the institution, had months ago, who pointed out as “an error” the fact that the club is not present in the most successful soccer simulator on the market. It should be noted that this strategy could generate a very hard blow to PES sales in the region, given that it would lose one of its most important bastions in terms of exclusivity.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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