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Tricks for FUT 20

time 03/29/2020

These days a large number of people are at home to combat the possible contagion by coronavirus that is affecting the world and that in Colombia already complete 100 positive cases. But don't be bored while in isolation. We have the tricks to play FUT 20.
Through this cheat guide you can get the most out of this video game, which is of interest to many people around the world. With these recommendations you can win more games and always have the best team in all modalities.
In this edition of FUT there are many new features, compared to previous versions. In this quarantine, be a champion if you play with your relatives or if you play online.

When you are deep into the game, it will be important to always look for the best players in quality and price. It is important to know all the game modalities, this is to know the rewards of season 1.
There are the FUT Draft rewards and how to create the best team, all the Division Rivals rewards, and obviously knowing what day all the rewards are awarded for you to watch out for.
As usual, the game has more than 30 official leagues, more than 700 teams, more than 17,000 authentic players and is officially licensed by 90 stadiums around the world.
However, the dribbles are mostly done with the right analog stick. When you see the directions, you have to keep in mind that they always run according to where the player looks.
If the footballer looks to the right, the dribble must be done by pressing "forward" it will be to the right. They should be done not thinking about directions of up, left, right, down, but thinking about the position of the player: forward, backward and sideways.
For example, to make a bicycle, you have to make a quarter moon from the front (direction the player is looking) to the side and then move the left stick to decide where to move the player.
To make an elastic, you have to take the right stick, make a crescent from the right side to the left and that's it.
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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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