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Don't Miss The FUT 20 CALM Kit

time 04/18/2020

FUT 20 is taking extra steps to ensure that its players are well entertained and as healthy as possible during these hard times. One of these initiatives includes the CALM attire available in the game. CALM, short for Campaign Against Living Miserably, is an organization that tackles serious problems such as suicide. Its members are doing their best to help those who need it.
EA SPORTS joins the fight as well. A new kit is available in the game. They are designed in collaboration with the CALM foundation. The kit includes two tops. The T-shirt is dark-blue and the long-sleeved one is yellow. Both shirts have the CALM logo on them. Here is what you need to do to acquire them. They're are not free but don't worry as you won't have to work too hard to obtain them. Besides, it feels more rewarding to work for an item than receiving it for free. 
You will need to complete three weekly objectives to get the CALM kit. The objectives are completed within Ultimate Team mode. You need to take part in five games, score five goals, and assist five goals. You can do this in any mode as long as it's part of the Ultimate Team. 
You will also notice supporter signs and LED boards with words of encouragement. A special episode of Groundbreakers is dedicated to this initiative. The episode is made in collaboration with Copa90 and features footballer Michael Keane. He is a professional player who started his career in 2011 alongside Manchester United. He also played for Leicester City, Derby County, Blackburn Rovers, and Burnley.
Since 217, he is with Premier Club Everton. Keane played for England U19, U20, and U21. Currently, he is with the national team as a center-back. In this Groundbreakers episode, he talks about his injury and how it affected his performance and mental health. 
This episode is dedicated to all those who are struggling with mental health. The CALM team is available online and it encourages anyone who might need to reach out and not be afraid of opening up and getting help. Keep in mind that there are lots of things to do in FUT 20 that can keep your mind of what's going on right now.
There are also tournaments such as the Stay and Play Cup where 20 professional footballers test their FUT 20 skills. The event is for charity. EA will donate $1 million to a coronavirus relief foundation.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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