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FUT 20 – Celebrate The Team OF The Season So Far Event!

time 05/07/2019

FUT 20 players are invited to celebrate the Team of the Year So Far event. This year, we don't have the usual Team of the Season because the season is currently on hold but we do have an event. The TOTSSF is similar to the regular event but it has several selections, including a community team. Here are the features of this year's celebration.
Throughout the event, we will have TOTSSF releases. Keep an eye for a new release on each Friday. So far we have TOTSSF Community, Premier League, and EFL. The players that are part of these teams have had the best performances until the season was put on hold. That's why this year's event has the “so far” suffix. Nine team selections will be released. CLS and MLS Leagues will have players from the campaign that ended before 2020. These players are available in packs.
You will be glad to know that there are also player items obtained from in-game activities such as objectives and squad building challenges. The event features flashback squad building challenges. The rewards are players that were part of previous TOTS. Expect to obtain some special player item cards. TOTSSF squad building challenges are also part of the event. These represent players that had some great moments but did not make it into the final selection.
Keep an eye on the game for weekly squad building challenges. You have the chance to acquire new player item cards. Premium League Upgrade squad building challenges will be available for 24 hours after the league TOTSSF. Community Champions squad building challenges honor the players who have helped the community in this time of need.
The event comes with new rewards for the Weekend League. Expect to get red TOTSSF special items in the player picks you get each weekend. These items will replace TotW and TotW Moments. The special items will correspond to the league selections that are released in packs. The rewards will be different from those received on regular weekend leagues.
The top 100 players will get a pack that contains 11 TOTSSF players from a certain league. Elite 3+ players get three packs. Gold 2+ players get at least one TOTSSF item from the Friday release as a player pick pack. Silver 2/3 players get a player pick that has a maximum of 88 OVR. The Team of the Week Moments get a pause for the duration of the event. TOTSSF event lasts until June 10th.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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