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How to score in FUT 20?

time 06/02/2020

FUT 20, EA Sports' soccer game, changed its scoring system to give the player greater control during the match. The measure pleased the more experienced players but brought doubts to the novices, since the task started to be done manually, without the old assistance of the game. It is necessary to make adaptations and get used to the new game mechanics to know how to position yourself to dominate the opponent in the defense field.
For those looking to have greater control over their defensive system on FUT 20, PlayStation 4 (PS4) or Xbox One, we bring a brief guide with some tips on the matter. Thus, it is possible to avoid opponent attacks and already prepare for the counterattack, ensuring more victories. See how to improve your FUT 20 marking below. If you need more FUT coins, check U7BUY store and you’ll get the cheapest coins in the market!

Avoid Chasing the Ball
Avoid running an opponent as much as possible, because if it is poorly executed it is guaranteed a yellow card or even expulsion. The other option of action, which is to make the opposite, is more appropriate, but it must be done at the right time, since it is very easy to take a dribble due to a poorly executed movement.

Surround the Opponent
The use of L2, for those who play on PS4, or LT, for those who are on Xbox One, is essential to score on FUT 20. This is because the button makes the character perform the "jockey" function, that is, score who has possession of the ball, and the player must control it to surround the opponent by forcing him to risk a pass or retreat to find spaces. It is the most effective way to score in the game, as it forces your opponent to think outside the box in order to attack.

Double the Marking
Although it is no longer as effective as before the update, the strategy of doubling the markup still works. To do this, press R1 or LB, depending on your console. This causes a player you are not controlling to start marking the player with the ball, while you can surround his pass options by doing the "jockey" mentioned earlier. It is important to be careful not to leave your defense with holes, as the player under the doubling command starts to "chase" whoever has the ball.

Switch Players with the Analog Stick
The traditional command to switch players when defending is L1 / LB. However, it can cause problems, causing you to control a player that is far from the ball or that you just don't want to control at that moment. So, have more control by switching players simply by moving the right stick in the direction where the desired player is. This way, you are able to reorganize defensively more quickly and prevent swift attacks.

(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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