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What We Know About FUT 21

time 06/06/2020

Are you one of the many fans who are eagerly waiting for FUT 21 news? Information is scarce at the moment but here is what we know for sure and what we can guess based on releases from the previous years. FUT 21 has been officially confirmed by EA. Some speculated that there won't be an EA SPORTS FUT game this year because of the pandemic outbreak. We're glad to see these rumors proven wrong. There will be a new game coming this year so there is nothing to worry about.
Another question is what is the release day for FUT 21? As you can imagine, no one can know this right now. What we do know is the time frame. The next game iteration will come out in July or September. This is a common date for EA SPORTS FUT game releases. FUT 20 came out on the 10th of September. It seems like the development is going on according to schedule and the outbreak didn't impact it so far. Many game companies switched to working from home and they were able to keep up with the development this way.
FUT 21 will mostly have three game versions. There will be the standard version which will probably still cost the same as FUT 20. This is currently the normal price for triple A games. Seeing that all triple A games from this year kept this price, that leads us to think that FUT 21 will do the same. There will probably be two special editions that will have extra items such as card packs, special kits, and player loans. The price of these editions should remain unchanged as well.
As for new game modes and changes, it's hard to speculate at the moment. Chances are that the game will bring something new to the table, such as a new mode, but there are no indications of any right now. Maybe it will be a new story-driven mode. A lot of players want to know what will happen to UT, the most popular game mode. We are sure that the development team is paying special attention to this mode. It will most likely introduce new leagues and ways of playing, not to mention more player item cards. What we are all hoping to see is more stability when playing online. The team in charge already took some steps in this direction. FUT 21 will most likely be available for next-generation consoles too which are due to come out by the end of 2020.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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