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UK Government Decision Could Change FUT Forever

time 06/20/2020

Loot box systems have proven to be a problem in the UK, and in other European countries, for quite some time. Decisions have even been made in Belgium and the Netherlands to ban them in many titles, such as Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others.
For EA SPORTS, it's clear that FUT is its most precious asset, with a 40 percent increase in net revenue since 2019 for game mode only. According to the figures in the company's financial report for 2020, net income reached a whopping $ 716 million. Relative to the FUT franchise, these sales come primarily through FUT Points, which are purchased with cash and spent on in-game FUT packs, where the buyer has no way of knowing their profit.
There has been a debate for a long time about the impact that this behavior can have on young children, with the game rating of E in the United States (available to everyone), and from 3 years old in the rest of the world .

New regulations that will affect FUT?
The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports has announced that there will be a meeting between the parties to consider the evidence supporting the claims that children are being encouraged to gamble, arguing that this behavior may lead to addiction in adult life.
If this decision is approved, the way people play UT at home is going to change forever, the FUT pack system will need a complete overhaul.
It is worth noting that not all packs are purchased with physical money in FUT 20, there are other ways to accumulate coins. This is a new battle pass system, in which objectives are completed to get free bonus content.

How would the decision affect?
That said, there is no doubt that buying a good amount of FUT packs will improve your chances of success in competitive play, with club owners taking to the field with star-studded teams every weekend for the champions of FUT. It is highly unlikely that, at least to reach the top, it can be accomplished without significant investment in the loot box system.
It remains to be seen if UT will be forced to change in the future in the UK, but it seems that the dialogue on possible links to the game will not disappear soon.
No matter what happens, the coins on U7BUY will always be reliable and safe.

(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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