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Which Players Deserve an Improvement in Their Stats for FUT 21?

time 06/26/2020

Although the 2019-2020 season is being truly atypical, there are players who are demonstrating a resilience in the face of adversity and a really high potential.In the face of the creation of FUT 21, scouters will have less time between submitting their final reports of each player and see the result reflected in the game. 
The season of elite soccer will presumably end in August, and the departure of the FUT saga usually coincides with the end of September (this year, however, would be in early October). Sense, there are footballers who have shown, so far this season, that their stats in FUT 20 are somewhat below their performance on the field, in their "real" performance.

In this list we are going to include both young players and many of them already dedicated to whom FUT did not consider putting a higher average on the current title of the saga:

Harry Maguire (Manchester United)

The English central 27 For years, he only has an average of 82 in FUT 20. Despite being a central defender, he has scored two goals and helped in another 3 so far this season. He is a solvent player, very solid back that has been done with the captaincy of the red devilsaún taking very little time in the team. His Rhythm (50), Shot (53) and Pass (64) stats are really low for a player of his abilities. In fact, for FUT 21 it is likely that they will go up to Defense (81) since the central defender is the undisputed owner of his team and his National Team.

Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain)

Another striker, in this case very young. The French, already world champion at just 21 years old, has scored 30 goals and distributed 17 assists so far this season. In addition, with Ligue 1 canceled, he only has the Champions League to continue increasing his box, if not, how far could he have gone? Mbappé has an average of 89 and great statistics in his "normal" card, but the truth is that his performance will probably deserve a higher average in FUT 21. 

Robert Lewandowski (FC Bayern Munich)

The 31-year-old Polish striker is one of the most important killers in football today. With the season still unfinished, he has 45 goals and 5 assists in 39 games played across all competitions in which his team has participated. The 89 points average that FUT 20 gives him may not be bad, but his stats of Rhythm (77) and Pass (73) seem to be really short for this great soccer player.

Hope they will have a improvement in FUT 21 and let players enjoy a really great game. Of course, U7BUY will always have the powerful FUT player cards for you. Stay tuned and you’ll be surpised.

(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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