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What's New With FUT Mode?

time 09/10/2020

FUT 21 is getting bigger with more features, activities, and ways to earn rewards. Here is what players can expect from this FUT season. First of all, we have more ways to play the game. This year brings FUT co-op games which give us the chance to team up with another player and challenge others in Division Rivals, to play against the computer in squad battles, and to match skills against fellow players in UT friendlies.
FUT 20 introduces events that allow players to choose between playing together or against each other. There will be team events and community events. Players will also be able to take part in live UT friendlies. Squad battles against the computer will determine where players are in Division Rivals.
FUT 21 brings more ways to customize your team and club. You will have a stadium for which you can unlock tiers based on the progress of your club. You will personalize the stadium by deciding what color the seats will be and the pitch mow patterns. More customization options such as goal net colors and stadium paint are available. You can also choose an anthem and celebration style. This feature gives you the opportunity to create a custom game experience.
The Challengers expansion allows you to add more tifos and pitch trophies. Acquire the Champions expansion that unlocks the full potential of your stadium. You also get to create a custom team. The players are in charge of finding a team name, club crest, stadium banners, and more. Custom kits bearing famous designs are available as well. FUT 20 removes some of the boring aspects of team management and allows players to spend more time on the field. Players now get their fitness back up after each game without using items.
There are no more staff coaches and training items. Games will have shorter celebrations and quicker restarts so you don't need to wait long before resuming the play. The menu has been overhauled so players can have easy access to UT features. The companion app allows you to manage the team when you are away from your main gaming device.
FUT 21 introduces 100 Icon players. These are the greatest football players of all times. You can already check out their OVR and stats and decide which ones you want for your team. FUT 21 comes in October but you can already earn items from the Pre-Season event and by signing up for the newsletter. Besides, you can always buy the cheapest FUT 21 coins on U7BUY FUT store.

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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