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FUT 21 Beta Impressions

time 09/12/2020

FUT 21 had a closed beta during which a number of players were able to test the game. The beta session lasted for two weeks during which the participants were prohibited from disclosing details about the game. This period has ended and now we have the first impressions about the new FUT game. Well-known players and YouTubers have posted videos to share their thoughts.
One thing testers noticed is that this year's iteration is similar to FUT 17. Another notable change concerns the shooting system. This feature was reworked. The players praised the new system. The game is now more realistic thanks to improved finesse shots. The animations also caught the beta testers' eyes. In the past, you were able to predict the footballers' behavior with the animations.
In this year's installment, things are not that easy anymore. The defending system will keep players on their toes thanks to the updates. The new player personality feature has something to do with this. The developers have already announced through pitch notes that some actions, such as tackling, will be influenced by a combination of attributes.
They have cited the standard tackle as an example. This move will now depend on defensive awareness, standing tackle, and aggression stats. The passing was also updated. Players agree with the changes.
FUT 21 is still a few weeks away so keep in mind that things can change. The beta build is not the final version of the game. Judging by what beta testers have to say, the developer did a good job with this year's game. The overall feedback is positive and players are even more excited about the full version of the game. More beta impressions and movies will be released in the following days and weeks. Beta reviews are important because many players wait for more opinions before pre-ordering the game.
While many have already got FUT 21, many players are waiting for impressions from famous players and content creators. The game releases in October and comes with many additions and updates. We already have plenty of details from pitch notes but nothing compares to playing the game.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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