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Are You Curious About The New FUT 21 Positioning Personality?

time 09/16/2020

FUT 21 comes with a list of gameplay updates. Several updates concentrate on the Player Personality concept. In this year's game, the players' actions will depend on more attributes than in the previous game. This is to make sure that the best players are just as efficient as the real footballers. This is the FUT 21 Player Personality concept.
Positioning Personality is an update to the positioning system that aims to enforce the above design mechanic. Changes to the offensive and defensive positioning system were made. The Attacking Personality is influenced by the Positioning attribute. The Defensive Personality is based on the Defensive Awareness. This is true when the players are controlled by the computer. These are the attacking actions that are influenced by the positioning attribute. This attribute will give players better awareness when doing onside and offside runs.
Note that this behavior will not occur if fast build up tactics or get in behind player instructions are used. The passer readiness runs refer to when the player that has the ball is getting ready to pass. The update makes the timing more accurate. Players that have high positioning will have a better timing. They will also make better decisions regarding the movement speed and location on the pitch. Players will also make an analysis of the passing lanes so they figure out where is the spot for receiving a pass.
Here is how the defensive awareness attribute influences the Defensive Personality. Players will be able to anticipate a run and to track it. The defenders will be better at following the runners. Two defensive players will be able to work together to limit the area in which a striker can move.
For this to happen, the two players need to have very high values for this stat. This attribute will also enable defenders to mark and track runs. It will also influence a defender's ability to make better positioning choices to cut off lanes and restrict the opponent's moves and actions. This attribute is responsible for the winger's level of activity when they are doing a defensive move such as marking or tracking runs.
Players will also be better at teamwork when marking. If a full back player pushes up, the other players will cover him and increase their awareness for marking and tracking. FUT 21 has many other gameplay updates. Only a few more weeks before the game releases and players can see what these updates are all about.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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