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FUT 21: Players that can change the game coming from the bench

time 11/15/2020

Many articles on the internet explain who are the best FUT players to build your starting team. However, very few of them teach you how to build a substitute bench full of variations that will help you win the game in the second half or in extra time.
The players who come in from the bench are as important as the starters because they have the responsibility of making a difference in those few minutes that they will be on the pitch, so you must be very clear about the role of each of them to make the most of it in the indicated situation.
The players capable of changing the course of a match are those who have enormous speed, shooting capacity, and physical power, as this allows them to take advantage of the fact that the rival defense is already tired and exploit those weaknesses of the defenders that are accentuated more and more as time passes.

Of course, before starting the list, we must warn you that some of these players can cost a lot of coins in FUT, so you may have to buy cheap FUT 21 Coins if you want to add them to your team as quickly as possible.

Here is the list of best bench players of FUT.

Iñaki Williams
The Athletic Bilbao striker has 94 pace points and 81 physique points, making him an extremely fast and dangerous player against tired defenders.

Besides, if we take into account that he has an acceptable 78 dribbling points, it becomes an ideal option to attack the rival defense in the second half.

The defender trained in Real Madrid schools has been on the rise over the last few seasons and now has an OVR of 83 points.

His best attributes are Pace 94 and dribbling 82, which makes him a dangerous player who will take advantage of the sides of the pitch and will allow you to make very fast transitions to leave your forwards alone in front of the goalkeeper on counter-attack plays.

Yannick Ferreira Carrasco
The skilled Atlético de Madrid player can be the ideal reinforcement you need in tough situations. His attributes of pace 91, dribbling 84, and shots 81 make him a lethal player if he has room to run.

His good shooting ability will ensure that you do not waste many chances if you escape from the defenders. That’s the best contribution that the Belgian can make on the pitch.

The popular Dembouz is a very fast player who has 92 pace points and 86 dribbling points, which allows him to be practically unattainable for slow defenders if he enters the field after 70 minutes of the game.
His ability to define is not as good as Carrasco's, but he finishes very well with his weak foot, which gives you even more possibilities when finishing the play against the GK.

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Chong Fang)

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