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FUT 21 update changes the criteria for yellow cards

time 11/17/2020

FUT is a saga that has become even more famous for all the bugs that can appear while you’re playing a match since some can cause a lot of laughs, while others can make players very angry for being unfairly harmed.
However, bugs are not something that causes much grace to EA Sports, since that slightly reduces the quality of its product and reveals the flaws of the title development team, especially those who are in charge of the phase of testing before its release.

Fortunately, new technologies allow developers to remotely update their games to fix bugs and that is precisely what EA Sports did last week.

FUT 21 update reduces the number of yellow cards per game.

Through a new update, EA Sports has modified the criteria for yellow cards so that the referees don’t show too many yellow cards per game because it was something that had become too unreal and illogical sometimes.
This is excellent news for users who have teams with strong players who use their physical strength to make a difference in games since the referee often hurts them by taking yellow cards in plays that do not deserve it.
However, the update is responsible for correcting other errors or bugs that, although they did not appear as often, had also become very popular on the internet because of how weird they were.
For example, one of the fixed bugs was the one that caused the referee to whistle the end of the match when the match was not over yet, an unusual error that has never been seen in the series so often.
These types of errors can affect the concentration of the players in the matches and cause them to defeat them and it is unfair that a player who has decided to buy FUT Coins to build the best team of all loses an important match due to a bug of the game.
Also, another bug the update fixed was the famous bug that caused players to float all over the stadium. There are many videos on YouTube about this bug that got thousands of views because it’s really funny to see Lionel Messi flying through the air like a superhero.
They also fixed the issue that sometimes caused the ball to stay stuck on the crossbar and caused unusual situations until the ball, for no reason, decided to fall down and finally let the team celebrate the goal.
Lastly, EA Sports also fixed the bug that caused players to slide more than normal after doing a sweep, so you no longer have to worry about this glitch when defending.

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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