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FUT 17 Champions Introduction

time 2016-10-14 12:00

What is FUT 17 Champions? Players might ask this question first when you start to read this article. In fast the FUT Champions is a new game mode of FUT 17 . It just started from this week and makes this game more competitive.

There are daily knockout tournaments that FUT 17 players could join from Monday to Thursday.  When you win, you could join the weekend league, meanwhile different rewards are offered for players. On the other hand, the Weekend League running across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As long as you could win one daily tournament, you have the chance to join the weekend league. When you playing, welcome to u7buy.com to buy cheap FUT 17 points which could delivered to you in 15-30 minutes and help you buy good players and build a better squad.

There are nearly 40 playable games every week for fut players. You could join and win as many as you can. Of course the rewards you receive are different, the more games you win the better rewards you will receive. The Earned Weekend League Rewards will be delivered during the week, before the next Weekend League, but the time and date has yet to be confirmed.

If you are one of FUT 17 players, join the FUT 17 Champions as soon as possible; so you will have a chance to get a further opportunity to compete on the world stage through the Championship Series and FUT Interactive World Cup (FIWC). If you need any FUT 17 points, remember come to u7buy.com to buy cheap FUT 17 points.

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