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Which Teams Will You Use In Career Mode(I)

time 2015-10-05 02:53

As i got bored of playing in generic stadiums for home matches, I traded (put) all Newcastle players in York City and all of York's in Newcastle. Put some house rules since Newcastle still had 10+ million to spend. It was fun but after a while I couldn't contain myself from buying young stars with that budget. That and the road to the BPL is always interesting.

Also one with Barça and the Brazil national team. Always start one with them and use that one catalogue item to pick the national team. Although I'm up in the air if I want to go Brazil, specially if no Brazilian league is added. Might go Argentina or Dutch. Don't think Colombia or Chile will have proper unis, but if they do I'm in with either of those.

This has nothing to do with the teams, but last year my youth players would have random names instead of the names of those countries. Would have a bunch of different Spanish players with Dutch, German, Asian or American names and none with Spanish names. Hoping that gets fixed, as a house rule 65-75% of the players will be from the youth system in my Portsmouth one.

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