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Top 10 Players in 50K Packs to be Available in FUT 16

time 2015-10-21 06:35

In FUT 16 playing, it is the dream for everyone that to have the top 10 players in his team, which can let the team become stronger, and can win more game. But there is a fact that only few players can get the top 10 players just as they are lacking of fut 16 coins. In order to let more players can enjoy FUT 16 ultimate team, the EA is giving the top 10 players in 50k packs to play.

The EA twitter have post this news, to encourage all the players to win the top players in 50K packs. The top players is including Messi, Ronaldo, Neuer, Robben,Suarez and so on. Not miss time to get it. And this activities will be available until Wednesday at 6 PM UK time. It is worth for you to do that.

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