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NO.8 Things WoW Players Want In World Of Warcraft

time 2016-01-05 09:06

For this series article, we will want to show you something the players wanted in the world of warcraft. In this article, we will introduce you the NO.8 things, which is the things the wow players wanted in the world of warcraft.

The no.8 thing for players want to do in world of warcraft playing is the timewalking raids, which is in one load of ronald was introduced the time walking dungeon feature, which allows players to keep the scaled versions of dungeons from previous expansions.

This have a lot of people excited, but for me personally my hope was reserved for timewalking raids. This would be the perfect way to allow players that mister raid content of an old expansion to at least get some idea of what those rates will like. It didn't really care too much for talking dungeons as you can still experience them while leveling up.

When talking about timewalking raids, people always bring up the issue of new classes and abilities making it really hard to balance, which is a fair point I can't imagine blizzards taking away our new abilities and starts to give a truly authentic experience, if this is something that makes into the game. It is not probably take a lot of work against, all they can do is tweak the numbers to add a little more challenge.

Blizzard have mentioned before that this is something that like to add to the game, however the only issue was figuring out rewards they can give two players for completing them. I guess my suggestion if they went out. This feature in Legion would be to reward players with artifacts power, and allow each player received the only from the boss. This way could incentivize players to do that runs most, runs with a group of time looking great as rather than on the road,and would probably work well with the new transmission system in Legion as many more people will be running these old raids.

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