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IF cards vs NIF cards in FUT 16

time 2016-01-16 12:00

First of all, i want to talk my own experience. I play my FUT 16 with IF Arnautovic, i found he didn’t do anything for me. But i found some surprise when i sold him and bought NIF Arnautovic. All things became different. Even he is my favorite player now. The same, i use Jognason, when i play with NIF him, he can do well and then i upgrade him to IF. He seems to be a 65rated player. And we know he has 90 sprint speed and 84 acceleration. This is the difference between IF and NIF for the same player. Even i try to use a pair of players with IF and NIF cards, i play with Hutchinson and Topal from the Turkish League. They are just so so with NIF and their IF cards are best i have used. 

In my opinion, IF cards are very questionable as far as upgraded stat amounts and the expectations people have for the card compared to the NIF. If you want to buy an IF card, the first thing you must have is 50 or 50+ stats and the stats must be in the proper position. I also think people have huge expectations, especially when the player being given the IF is a lower rated player who may have exceeded expectations prior. All of the sudden people expect them to be godly, but most often no stat will have above a +4 upgrade and even then is is usually just +2/+3.

At last, some card will get greater upgrades than others. I want to talk about Bolasie’s inform card. The upgrade always appear with position change and many reviews. Keep in mind, sometimes, If cards are only worth it when they are at their second or third inform, or if they get a useful position change such as IF Perisic whose stats are perfect for a CAM or maybe RB Lahm. But for first IF cards who are in their original position, i wouldn't recommend buying them, with exceptions of some who get great upgrades. More cheap FUT 16 coins,visit our website.

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