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FUT 16 Bale or Suarez?

time 2016-03-19 11:26

Each FUT player wants to build a dream team in FUT 16, but not every player has enough coins. Recently there is a FUT player has such situation: He wants to build a team of BBVA in FUT 16, he has a preference to Bale and Suarez, but he can only undertake one of them. What should he commit? Bale or Suarez?

In the forum, most players think that he should buy Bale. According player, he should buy Bale and then exploit his coins and buy Benzema, which agrees another player, because the distance between Suarez and Benzema is smaller than that between Bale and the next best RS. A player recommends Jackson Martinez, he is also a good striker and he is cheaper than Benzema. There is also a player who can play as ZOM Benzema and Suarez.

A player believes that he await Bale. But the other players find a bad idea, because it is impossible for him to buy Bale. And the price of non-Inform Bale is only getting higher. If you can wait even longer, you have the chance to buy while Team of the Year Bale. Bale is as possible under 100k.

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