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Which is the Best BDO Class to Use - Tamer?

time 2016-03-21 15:34

We have introduced you some classes in the last few articles, if you do not like the those classes, we will introduce the last one class, which is called Tamer, who is a human female who makes use of a trusty pet to protect her and deal out damage during battles, while wielding a katana herself.

The Tamer is a class all about balance–not just in terms of between attack and defense, but between use of her two main ability types–her own abilities, and the abilities of her beast companion. Using both in tandem, and occasionally combining for special combo attacks, is key to making this class work. Some skills change significantly depending on the situation the pair find themselves in.

The Tamer herself is very weak, but her beast is more powerful and together the two have surprisingly impressive mobility. As a class the Tamer is excellent in PVE and solid in solo PVP, but collapses under the weight of events around her in group PVP play – but she has strong late-game potential all the same.

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