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Rank for Best Classes in BnS

time 2016-04-19 16:00

We always ask which is the best class in blade and soul. In fact, every thing can be balance well and the result of rank for classes in blade and soul is based on situation to situation basis where one class is better than others. There is no class which is perfect everywhere and every time. In this article, i will give some best classes of blade and soul in different situation. 

In PVE of blade and soul, you’d better not to play with blade dancer. They can’t bring anything almost. They are weak is not my meaning. I think there must be a better alternative except for blade dancer. Destroyer grip better, because when a destroyer grabbed a goal is to "teleport" destroyer to hit the target cells. Where anywhere blade dancer grabbed a goal is "Teleport" of the target, hit the grid hit blade dancer format. This will cause blade dancer to misposition especially small target, while the other melee hit, or hit them serious problems. As it is one of the lowest blade dancer DPS in PVE class. This may sound scary, but it is not, because the highest and lowest DPS is like 5% or any lower% figure to come from each other. General equilibrium in this game is pretty good, so there is room for blade dancer is in the parties.

In open world PVP has too many situation, for the scale of one class or another can be considered the best at that time, SMN, SIN, force master, destroyer, blade dance open world PVP tend to do very well.Kung fu master, force master and blade master are not mentioned too much, because, although not weak in any way, they are not likely than any other tanks than other classes, but the tank is always welcome any party and his DPS is not far behind the others. So, yes, I can give only what kind of rank novice-friendly, but this is one place, not related to the people who really are willing to put some effort into learning the game.

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