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Tree of Savior Guide for Wizards and Building Paths

time 2016-04-28 12:00

Now i will start this guide with my own experience of playing tree of savior. I played this game for a period of time and i think it is interesting. But i am really worried about building path when play with Wizards. And i think there is no players want to throw skill points at random. My build is made from the perspective from someone who has only started playing, so I don't really know if any of this is useful or not. I put my problem in a forum and i think i have get some answer and i will share now. 

First of all, "Wizards" of the "savior" should also give you a lot of ideas on the forum post. I suggest it takes one or two hours to just read some of the more popular builds (such as wiz3 / ele3 / / cyro3 / movie / what, wonder / pyro1 / Link2 / chrono3).
In addition, prepare at least one character of something. Then, ready:
1) Live in a slightly sub optimal character.
2) Re roll.
3) Buy top founder's packaging and use attributes / skills to reset the potion, assuming you have taken the right class.
It's really hard to make a completely useless character, so don't be afraid to give it a go. Remember, even the best build may be the toilet when they release level 8 (and the maximum level of planning to be 600). As long as you have fun to go to it. Or you should try to search “linker builds tree of savior” in google. Keep in mind, As for linker usefulness : everybody likes linker. Seriously, you just up the DPS of a party so much it's ridiculous, at least vs mob packs. Afaik, a pyro linker is a good choice. You can go summoner or necro endgame. Would not recommend pyro 3 though, but that's my opinion, i don't like flame breath. 

At last, if you need some silver for your game, please pay attention to U7buy. 

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