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CSGO Cases Items Hot Sale Now(II)

time 2016-05-25 13:54

In the CSGO playing, the csgo cases are playing the important role, for the following we will give you another two cases, hope it can help you for your playing in the csgo.

The Falchion Case is a weapon case released in the May 26, 2015 update, alongside with Operation Bloodhound as an exclusive drop to pass holders. After Operation Bloodhound came to a close, the case was available to drop for all players. This case also introduces the case-exclusive Falchion Knife which can be awarded at a very low chance.

The Operation Phoenix Case is a weapon case of community created weapon skins as part of Operation Phoenix . It is similar to the Operation Bravo Case, but the chance for the case to drop was originally exclusive to pass owners. As of updates, the weapon case became available to drop for all players.

The above two is the another cases we want to introduce to you, and for this two cases, you can buy them from our website, as you have a low chance to get it, buy them from us is a good choice, besides these CSGO items, we also can offer the keys for you to open the cases. If you need this serivce, buying from us now.

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