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How Much Crit Rate is Enough for Tree of Savior Playing?

time 2016-06-11 15:02

For tree of savior playing, there are many features has been changed for playing. There is on doubt is that how much crit rate in enough for the tree of savior playing. More details will be shown you in the details.

There is a player have this opinion, which is he hopes they reconsider this crit rate formula. Higher level = lesser crits. If in PvE this is noticeable, imagine in PvP where magic classes go full con, still do damage and nullifies all your chance to crit hit them. Take Hoplite 3 for example. With 130 DEX + Finestra lvl 15 + 3 lvl 6 Green Gems, you have 376 Crit Chance. A Wizard with 282 Con and no Crit Resistance items will have 282 Crit Resistance.

Of course, just remembering that from all the Swordsman's subclasses, Hoplite is the one that can get the higher Crit Chance without any items. He doesn’t think this makes any sense, since it flavours a lot the player that doesn't give up any resistance to build damage. In fact, it creates a one dimensional game style where everyone goes full tank since damage doesn't pay off.

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