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Suggestions for Rebuilding PVE in the Division

time 2016-07-21 14:00

I am a fan of the division and played many MMO games, in this article, i just want to share my experience and give some suggestions.Here we go.

Mob damage scalling reduction:
Today, we can see a lot of complaints about this point. I cant access the real numbers for myself, but a empyrical feeling about character level x mob level increased damage ratio is something like that:
LVL 30 x LVL 30 = +0%
LVL 30 x LVL 31 = + 20%
LVL 30 x LVL 32 = + 40%
LVL 30 x LVL 33 = + 60%
My suggestion is to make this a LOT MORE soft, something like:
LVL 30 x LVL 30 = +0%
LVL 30 x LVL 31 = + 3%
LVL 30 x LVL 32 = + 6%
LVL 30 x LVL 33 = + 9%.
New difficult level: "Heroic +"
Add to all activities the "Heroic +" difficult. The AI behavior will be identical to Heroic, but now we have an infinite scale of difficult. Its like Diablo rifts. We can select "Heroic+1" up to "Heroic +100", 200, 300..whatever. But how to implement this on a procedural way? Just be exponential. Heroic + opens with level 36 mobs. Every level above will increase 1 mob level, increasing their life and damage.Every level above increase the drop rate in some rate. Every level will give some multiplicative reward. So people can say: "But, but, we cant win HEROIC +63!!!!" "INFINITE my as#!" "Now we just will be hit killed on another difficult level.
New item: Division Upgrade Kit
Dropped at the end of some activities this item can be found on 3 versions:
Division Firearms Kit
Division Stamina Kit
Division Eletronics Kit

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