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Guide for Fencer PVP in Tree of Savior

time 2016-07-21 16:00

In MMO games, choose a suitable class is the first and most important thing, so does in tree of savior. Fencer is an interesting class. They can deny enemies’ combo and block their skills. If you play PVP in tree of savior, Fencer is the best choice. A rule you should remember that this class relies a lot on burst combos and needs that you have decent ping. More details for play with fencer as following. 

Fencer in a sense more surprising support as possible in terms of type PVE swordsman. As for PVP his design went toe-to-toe, one on one duel, and come out on top, thanks to his defensive mechanics and debuffs against opponents. Fencers is not pumped out how much damage ...... strongest handed sword or spear near the rapier no damage where hands. Fencers are all about tax evasion and use them as a defense mechanism skills, debuffing all types of enemy melee attacks (slashing / thrusting / dramatic).

So building a glass cannon and start fencing is a terrible idea, and finestra (hoplite skills can only be used a spear class weapons work, do not work, rapier, if you like to watch it, even if you can switch to the spear and active buff, then switch back) are not synchronized fencing well as a tax loss, the whole idea, a fencing athlete should have in the first place high DEX. If you're going to focus on PVP, remember that you need to close the gap between the resistance of your main goals. Otherwise, you will be AOE magic damage is removed. If we are talking about is an open world PVP noted, it is important to suppress less effective, because people will have contestants. 

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