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The Keywords of Football 2016 – Tears(V)

time 2016-07-29 17:15

There are two important matches in this summer, the Euro 2016 and the America cup. There are many superstars to participate into the games, the Messi is one of these. Some superstars are get the champions, but Messi is the opposite one,he is not got the champions in the America cup. The keywords for Messi, things have already happened, try again please.

In this summer, there are two superstar to lead the their team to ente the final of the match, the Euro 2016 and the America cup. One is injury in the game and can not continue to play the match, at last their team won the champion and he smiles happily. For the other one, miss the penalty shot, and cannot get the champions, and quit the national team for sad mood. The former one is the CR7, and the latter one is the Messi.

There are three runner-up during the three years, which is a unacceptable results. However, you can see this thing from another way, you have already experience the feeling of losing everything, why do not try again, nothing bad than this time now. When you know the clearly of the cruelty, you still can fight in the pitch, you are the real superstar and the heros.

Messi, you are only 29, you still have the bright future, the Russia Cup, we are looking forward to backing up. Come one!

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