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The Latest Transfer Fee List – NO.1 Juventus

time 2016-08-02 17:06

There is a list for the transfer list in this summer, Real Madrid spent 30m euros and only ranked 23, they only buy back the Morata from the Juventus. Barcelona spent 79.75m euros, and ranked 7.

In this list, Juventus ranked the NO.1 as they spent 157m euros, the NO.2 is the Borssia Dortumund, they spent 114m euros in the summer transfer windows. And the Roma is in the NO.3, who spent 95.90 euros, and the NO.4 is the Atletico de Madrid, who spent 81m euros.

The latest List of top 10 in the summer transfer window:
1.Juventus: 157m euros
2. Borssia Dortumund: 114 m euros
3. Roma: 95.90 m euros
4. Atletico de Madrid: 81m euros
5. Manchester United: 80m euros
6. FC Liverpool: 79.90m euros
7. FC Barcelona: 79.75m euros
8. Chelsea FC: 74.80m euros
9. FC Bayern de Munich: 73m euros
10. Shanghai SIPG: 55.80m euros

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