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Best Classes for Duet in Tree of Savior

time 2016-08-07 12:00

In fact, for all MMO players, they all want to have the most fun and they always try to find the best class. In this article, I will give some different thought about the best classes for duet in tree of savior. 

The first thing you should know. Although many players think that Swordsman DPS may be worse than some DPS classes, but it actually is not bad. Do not buy too much into a meme. People just do not really want to have a DPS archer or wizard, because it is small and slight injury durr swordsman must tank.
Monk would work for the reason you stated, a typical build for monk (cleric 2, Diev2 Monk X) to provide you with an array of support is quite good. Variance pastor tree physics class is not a huge amount, though, if the ranking Friday 8 shows they do not bring anything, it might be weird long term. This is a small detail, but. Swordsman give you a little more in the way of choice, because it is all physical melee combat, and rank 8 class looks neat. 
I think you should have to go to a cleric; almost all classes will be more interesting with him, you can adapt to any preferences. They have the insane heal of cleric 2, a monk and chaplain of heavy auto attack, the diev and druid environment interaction, the bokor and sadhu heavy magic. My favorite Oracle almost deceptive tricks RO Sage in PVE aspect. In the restoration and preservation enthusiasts, pastor almost every class has let your partner will almost never die (even in the dungeon, and the pastor 2, I may at any time at full horsepower for all); that's why she will be able to play any role, and even some do not work, you can live with a good priest. By mechanics, I think more than a wizard archers and swordsmen because of too many automated attacks, more fun, but then again, if two of you will work with a lot of farming, you can try tos Migrant Workers: Oracle Corsair, Chronomancer or Doppelsdoenger. All of these additional items or monsters opportunities. If you like the idea late in the game (all are +C5), I suggest that the Chrono + Oracle. 
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