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Why Should You Subscribe WoW: Legion Again?

time 2016-08-13 15:38

The developer of World of Warcraft Blizzard has announced a few features of the game, which is very good news for WoW veterans. These features need sometimes to change. Maybe this is a good chance for World of Warcraft to make the former players subscribe again. What features can one in why should you subscribe wow: Legion again? Now let's see.

The balance between classes of PvE and PvP in World of Warcraft has been a serious issue for Blizzard for a long time. You must ensure that a capacity for dungeons and raids is useful, but this ability is not so strong that they give the character in battlefield and Arena unfair advantage.

The solution of Blizzard in Legion is a separate PvP talent system. If players earn honor points, you can unlock special abilities. These capabilities are available only in battlefield and Arenas. In addition, the focus of the new system is no longer honor and Conquer Gear. Your choice of PvP talent and how you use them is much more important than your equipment.

More new features of World of Warcraft: Legion we will write in another article. If you need WoW gold or WoW powerleveling for help, our site is the best choice. WoW Items are also available from U7buy.com.

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