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World of Warcraft: New Player’s Guide

time 2016-11-09 09:37

Always wanted to play World of Warcraft but didn’t know where to start? Great. This short guide will give you all the details you need to embark on an epic adventure in Azeroth and beyond!

Beginning a World of Warcraft Journey
So you’re bought World of Warcraft and you have installed it on your system, what to do next?
Next step is for you to create a character to play in World of Warcraft. In the game there are 2 opposing factions – Horde and Alliance. You first have to pick a race for your character, and you can pick 1 from 13 available races, 6 on horde,6 on alliance and 1 neutral that can chose a side. Note that if you want to play with your friends, you all have to be of the same faction. Next step in the guide is picking a class for your character.

Picking a Class for Your World of Warcraft Character
Once you’ve picked a race for your character it’s time to decide a class for it. In World of Warcraft a character can fill 1 of the 3 roles - Damage Dealer, Tank or Healer. If you prefer to strike down your foes with a big axe you might prefer warrior playstyle. On the other hand if you like sniping down your enemies from afar you could pick a hunter. World of Warcraft offers 12 playable classes and we highly suggest you read up World of Warcraft guides on the classes before making a final decision.

Venturing Into the World (of Warcraft)
Now that you picked your race and class and customized the looks of your character you’re ready to venture into the world and explore the vastness of Azeroth. For every race in World of Warcraft there is an intro story that will get you familiar with the game itself, as well as exploring your class fantasy and guide you through it.

So as soon as you hit “Enter the World” button, rush towards a character with a big question mark above his head, that character will know how to set your adventure up and send you away! The quests in the game will guide you through the story progression. Enjoy the adventure ahead!
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