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World of Warcraft: Demon Hunter guide

time 2016-11-18 14:20

With the release of World of Warcraft: Legion came the new class World of Warcraft fans have been awaiting for so long – the Demon Hunter! If you are new to World of Warcraft and have gone through the introduction guide, you are ready to pick up a new hero class with our World of Warcraft Demon Hunter guide!

Basic Demon Hunter guide

In World of Warcraft: Legion, Demon Hunter is introduced as a hero class, which gets you started on level 98 in the demon hunter starting zone: Mardum. However, the requirement to create one is to already have a level 70 or higher character on the account, which means you are familiar with the game and don’t need a new players guide. To level up fast, you can buy some cheap WOW Power leveling, professional and safe can be guaranteed at u7buy. The intro quests in Mardum will guide you through demon hunters lore, as well as introduce you to demon hunter spells and talents.

Demon hunters have 2 talent specializations – Vengeance which is a tanking specialization and Havoc which is a dps specialization. This guide will give you general directions on how to start up as a demon hunter in both trees and will guide you through basic demon hunter kit.

Advanced Demon Hunter guide
In the advanced demon hunter guide we’ll guide you through demon hunter specializations. First we’ll go over Vengeance demon hunter guide, a tanking specialization for the demon hunter.

Vengeance demon hunters are filling the role of a tank. With some awesome abilities like metamorphosis in their kit which increases their health pool to demon spikes that reduces their physical damage taken, demon hunters are perfect tanks to guide the group through hard content. They also excel at doing damage, as they are the highest damage dealers amongst tanks.

Havoc demon hunters are rich with burst damage abilities, both AoE and single target damage. Abilities like eye beam allow them to burn through enemies pretty fast while ability like vengeful retreat allows them to pop out of combat to safety really fast.

Hope you enjoyed this introduction guide to demon hunters and stay tuned for more guides. See you in Azeroth! At last, if you want to buy WOW gold cheap, u7buy is your best choice.

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