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World of Warcraft Rogue Guide

time 2016-11-29 16:46

If there’s one thing every rogue guide will tell you is that rogues are World of Warcraft’s most versatile class. In this guide I’ll cover the basics of rogue kit, what do they bring to the table and hopefully bring you a clearer picture of World of Warcraft rogues. So let’s get right into the guide.

Rogue Basic Kit Guide
Rogues are the sneaky heroes of World of Warcraft. They deal damage in different ways, depending on what specialization you play (read our specialization guide segment), but they all have the same basic kit.

First let’s clear how rogues actually do damage besides swinging with their weapons. Rogues have a mechanic called combo points that they have to build on a target and use them for their finishing moves. Rogues use energy as the main resource of power.

All rogues have basic abilities that are called combo point builders – these are the abilities that you will use most frequently. There are also abilities that are called finishers, they cost combo points and energy and will deal more damage the more combo points you spend on it (up to 5, sometimes 6 if you have a specific talent).

Rogue Specialization Guide

Outlaw rogue quick guide:
Outlaw rogues are pirate themed rogues, they excel at high AoE damage while their single target is a bit behind. They are heavy RNG based because of “Roll the Bones” ability that gives them random buffs. They have cool things such as grappling hook to allow them to be all around the place.

Assassination rogue quick guide:
Assassination rogues are all about poisons and bleed effects. They excel at single target damage while their AOE lacks behind significantly. They are especially good at executing (below 35% health). Every guide suggests this if you want single target damage.

Subtlety rogue quick guide:
Subtlety rogues are sneaky fighters who strike fear in enemy foes. They have great single target damage kit and moderate AOE damage kit. They can be all around the place, shadow step to the distant enemies or ambush-blink behind them. Great choice for PVP.

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