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Stamina Nightblade PvE dps guide

time 2016-12-04 14:37

In this article I will talk about stamina for the Nightblade pve dps build. I will mention the tools best for gaining maximum dps both for group and solo players. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Nightblade pve dps build and the armour that would be the best for the Nightblade pve dps build. I will also mention the best races for the Nightblade pve dps, the potions the main dps setup for Nightblade pve dps build uses and the skills required to get the maximum potion uptime. I will also try to briefly explain how to play in Nightblade pve dps build with potions available. I will also discuss the best gear for raid setups in Nightblade pve dps build. Enjoy. 

The basics of a Nightblade PvE dps build
In the Nightblade pve dps build, Dual Wield and Bow are best for maximum dps. For groups rely on your healer and the ability to avoid damage, in solo play rely on Vigor and Killers blade. Advantages of the Nightblade PvE dps build: amazing single target and AoE dps, rougish play style, easy access with crafted gear, flexibility of skill, scales well with optimised groups, works with all races. Disadvantages: harder to master, requires good coordination and movement, difficult for beginners, best for 300 and more champion points, requires 3 Maelstrom Weapons for best performance. For Nightblade PvE dps lowest HP and light armour are good. Best gear for rades: Roar of Alkosh, Night Mothers Gaze, Sunderflame. Good support setup is „5xRoar of Alkosh, 5x Night Mothers Gaze, Maelstrom Weapons“

Potions skill and races for Nightblade PvE dps build

The Nightblade PvE dps build uses Essence of Weapon Damage, 20% Weapon Damage, 10% Weapon Crit and 20% Stamina Regeneration potions. For 100% potion uptime the skill „Medicinal Use“ passive in Alchemy is good. Potions are good for achieving maximum dps but dont have to be used when you dont need maximum dps. Best race for Nightblade PvE dps build in rades is Khajiit. For solo and small group play Redguard good too,then Bosmer, Orc and Dunmer. 

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