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GW2 Choosing a Profession

time 2017-01-05 12:00

So you want to know which GW 2 profession is the best for you? Well ask yourself this, which type of badass do you prefer to play in an MMORPG? Want to be the bullet sponge or the fast slicing dude? Believe it or not, there is no really clear strategy when choosing a GW2 profession since the most important aspect of this is your own playstyle. If you listen to some random 12 year old from the internet about this you are bound to screw up and ruin your character or potentially GW2 as a whole for yourself. But don’t worry mate, I got your back.


-Soldier profession- The soldier profession is for those who want to stand right in the frontline of battle. Soldiers are in the thick of battle and work hard to control it, avoiding damage, supporting allies, and dealing the pain right back at their enemies.

Adventurer- These professions are slightly squishier and are are primarily designed to deal high damage while bringing some utility. These are the unique and fun professions that don’t lock themselves into either “melee specialist” or “magic specialist”.

Scholar-These are the magic users, who focus on ranged magical attacks, although like with everything in GW2, they are all capable of specializing to be close combat specialists. Think wizards and mages from other MMOs, but with a unique flare. Scholars are very capable at supporting allies and dealing high damage.

Choosing one

Look at that description up there and tell me what you would like to be? Well…Don’t just yell at the scream I meant figuratively but ok. Moving on. GW2 makes the choice a lot like in Borderlands where the profession must be your own clear choice and no one else’s. So take a good look and decide who you want to be in GW2. At last, if you want to buy GW2 gold, u7buy is a good choice.

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