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World of Warcraft Item Drop Rates Explanation

time 2017-01-06 15:00

A lot of people around the world have actually made a living out of farming World of Warcraft Legendary items and then selling them for profit. But hard times have befallen both them and regular players because the drop rates have abruptly changed and with some people even stating that specific classes are the problem. To clear all of that up, we have prepared this article which will explain everything you need to know about legendary item drops. So get your World of Warcraft character out of the inn because it’s time to go on an adventure… OF KNOWLEDGE… I know, I know we will get a better one next time. 

So what’s wrong?

Based on the data, the average KP in obtaining your first Legendary is 194. But upon obtaining your first one, the KP needed to get the next Legendary is more than doubled. This is one of the main reasons why some players are re-leveling an alt of the same class as their main if they didn't get the BiS Legendary for their class.

This problem here is actually a bit of Blizzards mistake for not explaining the drop locations of WOW items but the worst one yet is the Bad Luck system which is supposed to work as a pseudo random number generator but seems to be broken for some unlucky WOW players.

What happens in the end?

There are talks that Blizzard will actually divulge the location and drop rates of every Legendary item but until then you will just have to play with broken luck, so to say. The Bad luck system is screwing a lot of people over and if you are one of those unlucky World of Warcraft players… Well… You could always go outside. Besides, you could buy WOW gold cheap from u7buy.com whenever you need. WOW Power Leveling service is online waiting for your purchase too. Safe guaranteed at u7buy.com. 

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