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World of Warcraft Cow Level

time 2017-01-08 15:00

Well after Diablo’s anniversary a bunch of players in the WOW community have thought that there might a bit of surprises in the game. World of Warcraft offers a lot of experiences for different players and it would not be weird that there was a Diablo reference somewhere in there. Well the answer to this might actually surprise you since after Diablo players have actually found evidence of this and, yes, there is a cow level in World of Warcraft. How do you get there? Why do cow levels appear? Stick around and find out.

Cow Level

Several players via Reddit have also reported the discovery of random portals that transported them to the cow level. Once there, other players were on the prowl killing every cow in sight for treasure. Successfully killing the Cow King completes the event. Some have attempted to unlock additional achievements; however obtaining the special loot is a one-time deal.

It should also be noted that the Diablo Treasure Goblins appear as treasure chest icons on World of Warcraft (they spawn randomly throughout the Broken Isles), which is useful in aiding players to locate their loot. If you’re planning to participate in the event, don’t wait too long as it concludes on January 11.

Final Words

Well we, in case you need WOW gold, here I suggest you go to u7buy.com which is a professional site, besides gold, wow power level service is offered too. And now, all should have known that Blizzard would have offered something like this for their players since World of Warcraft i their biggest cash cow ( get it ?). The cow level in WOW does not offer that much with content but it sure is a hell of a lot fun. So if you want to go and kill a bunch of cows, get on World of Warcarft and find one of the portals that will neat you a lot of beef. 

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