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GW2 Tips for New Commanders

time 2017-01-12 10:00

GW2 offers players a lot of opportunity to build up their characters and themselves in every which way possible.  Amongst all of these methods to becoming great, you can become a commander and lead troops during the World on World battles that GW2 is known for. Being a commander in GW 2 does put a lot of stress on people and it can be a very demanding position, but if you follow this guide you will be able to lead your troops to victory in GW 2. Now let’s get out there and take our GW2 world to victory. 
If you're truly interested in learning the ways of being a commander, make people aware that you're learning and be open to critics and suggestions, be communicative. Keep in mind that the people who are following you are willing to do what you ask and there's a responsibility in every decision you make. Sometimes you will lead 30 people to frustration and it will be an awful feeling. Sometimes you will lead them to great joy, and it will be one of the best things you've ever experienced in a MMO. Do your best to make the latter more frequent than the first.
Final words
The main idea about being a commander in GW 2 is to be trusted amongst the community and actually be useful to the players. Trust me; it is more important to build up trust amongst your troops rather than just pretending to be some sort of professional GW2 player. People will follow you if you have enough victories behind your back and if you are not afraid to actually listen to people. Now go out there and command your GW 2 troops. And please for the love of god kick out those little idiots that whine on every turn. Besides, cheap GW2 gold are definitely needed to make your player better and get GW2 items fast and good gear in game, visit u7buy.com now, here you could find everything you need!  

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