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Starting BnS in 2017 as a Newbie

time 2017-01-21 10:00

BnS is an excellent game full of wonder and amazement but you will have to be careful. The game has changed a lot over the years and a lot of the good things have gone with the bad ones. The player community is pretty good as always but is there still an incentive to jump into the game years after BnSs release, right? Well let’s go down and find out.
Is it any good ?
Yeah , I would suggest you give it a go. The leveling experience is optimized over the year since release in NA/EU. Given the game is old, most are at max level so early levels might seem dried up. You won't need other players help for leveling up till you hit max level. Lot of required materials for progression of your gear is provided my game itself. Make sure to complete surveys every 2 levels. The only dungeons you have to run are Tomb of exiles(lev 36), 3 more lev 45 purple dungeons before you hit max level. And people always run them for their daily quests n stuff. Once you hit max level, you will find large pool of people. Fret not as game is still lively. If you enjoy action combat you will find yourself liking this game. Take your time  do BnS Power leveling as it’s your first time.
Well you heard it there folks, it is still pretty good. The game has kept its charm over the years and new players will be sure to love it. By the way, cheap BNS Gold will be very helpful. So in conclusion, BnS seems to always have a place for the newbie players even in 2017.

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