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BnS Tools that you Should Use

time 2017-02-03 10:00

BnS has a brilliant world set behind it that offers you to explore wonderful scenarios and creatures. But BnS can be improved ten-fold by using special community made tools that are sure to make everything more enjoyable. So to figure out how to play B&S better, let’s go down and seem the two must have tools for B&S. 
BnS Tool
Anti Afk (Can work even client is minimized)
Afk Guild Crafting (Client must be in foreground!)
External Overlay
MAY OR MAY NOT WORK IN WINDOWS 10. (Something to do with AutoIt)
This mod does not have that specific of a function for BnS but it does provide some neat little features that you can use whenever you want. This BnS Tool is used by a lot of veterans and newbies because playing the game whilst sitting and staring at the screen is not really playing B&S. So if you are looking for something to ease up on the boredom get BnS Tool. 
B&S Profile Picture Tool
BnS has a lot of customization which is why it appeals to such a wide crowd but there are a bit of things missing. The Profile Picture tool does… Well Just that…. It creates a profile picture for your character which you can use, share and have fun with in the game. The B&S Profile Picture tool enables you to make your character come alive outside the world of B&S and it is really a touching little bit of the game that makes B&S a bit more worth it. 
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