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BnS Loading Screen Art Contest

time 2017-02-04 10:00

BnS is an excellent game that offers you and your friends a fun environment where you can do pretty much anything. But the game has seen a little drop in player count which is why the fine developers of B&S have seen it fit to create a contest for the community. So let’s find out about the BnS Loading Screen Art Contest. 
The Contest
Starting from January 16th and leading up to the 27th of February talented artists will be able to post their art for the BnS Loading Screen Art Contest. This Contest will be sponsored by the developers and the prizes will all be B&S themed. The awards will be as follows:
-First place gets 100 dollars’ worth of Hongmoon coins whilst the ten follow up contenders will receive just 50 dollars’ worth of Hongmoon coins. 
The loading screen will be shown to all players and the artists name will be immortalized in the history of BnS. Anyone can enter the contest but be sure that if you are one of those jokers that sends a penis as an entry…You won’t get far… I know I didn’t. 
Final Words
Whilst I am not the artistic type and I certainly can’t draw to save my life, I really do think that this contest is an excellent thing for everyone playing BnS both as a newbie and a professional. This contest will help the BnS Community get more in touch with the developers and it will also give the game a lot of charm it has started to loose over the years. Needless to say, the BnS Loading Screen Art Contest is a brilliant thing. Finally, remember go to u7buy.com to buy BNS gold cheap, BNS power leveling and BNS Hongmoon Leveling service, etc. 

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