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Crowfall Campaign System

time 2017-02-12 10:00

Crowfall aims to enrich the MMO genre with a new type of game. This “throne war simulator”, as its creators label it, proposes a new type of gameplay where characters are persistent but the content is dynamic. At its very core Crowfall is a PvP focused game. There are no leveling quests or any other forms of organized PvE such as the well known dungeons or raids. Monsters exist in this world but killing them is a means to an end. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete campaigns. 
Repetitive content is a staple of the MMO genre. End game content usually means clearing raids and/or taking part in PvP activities. Crowfall campaigns are a mix of PvE and PvP with a strong focus on the latter. In traditional MMO games, campaigns are a series of episodic missions and quests that tell the main story and allow characters to progress throughout the game. Crowfall campaigns are inspired by strategy games where players have to achieve objectives to win the game. The game has different campaigns with unique victory conditions. Some are time limited and end after a certain number of months has passed. There are also campaigns with specific victory rules such as gaining control over a territory or defeating the enemy faction. Specific rule sets like death penalty, class restriction, map size or the use of magic make each campaign a unique event. More campaigns run at a time so players are free to take part in the one they like best.
Each campaign also has a difficulty level making it more suitable for starting characters or for skilled veteran players. At the end of the campaign some of the players will be on the winners' side while others will have lost the game. This doesn't mean that a lost campaign is a complete waste of time. Players can still acquire items and advance their characters but, as it's expected, winners get better rewards. A player's progress throughout a campaign is saved so they will start the next campaign with improved characters ready for more challenging content. Cheap Crowfall gold will be prepared when this game released to help you fully enjoy the game. Crowfall players could buy gold online easily. 

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