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What do you need to know before choosing a class in BnS

time 2017-02-14 10:00

BnS players cannot complain about the generous class selection. There are nine available options. Here's a listing of all nine classes based on play style difficulty from the easiest to the hardest.
Summoners bring healing, support and off tanking to the party. The Familiar (combat pet) can off tank lesser mobs while its master restores allies' health and casts protective spells. The Summoner is also an excellent choice for players who like to solo challenging content.
Blade Dancers are the best choice for single target damage. They quickly deal with enemies that have to die fast.
Soul Fighters are fitted for off tanking and support. This class cannot generate threat but has enough defense to stand up to adds while the tank keeps the boss occupied. Soul Fighters can also heal, buff and resurrect party members.
Destroyers provide great team support and crowd control abilities. Although Destroyers have good defensive capabilities they are not fit for a tank role because they lack skills and abilities that generate aggro. Destroyers can effectively remove debuffs and hinder the enemy with stuns and knock backs.
Warlocks rely on buffs and debuffs. They are good damage dealers but don't do so well in the defense area. A Warlock will curse its enemies with debuffs and empower allies with buffs.
Force Masters are ranged damage dealers. These heroes are ready for all enemies no matter how many or how powerful they might be. Force Masters deal good AOE and single target damage but they are also extremely vulnerable.
Blade Masters are highly versatile characters. Players who choose this class will discover an even balance between offensive abilities and defensive skills. In most cases Blade Masters fulfill a tank position but they are also capable of dealing good damage.
Assassins alternate between two stances and deal great damage. A skilled Assassin is an asset for any team especially if a Kung Fu or a Blade Master is also present. Synergy allows this duo to inflict amazing damage.
Kung Fu Masters are made for tanking. They have threat generating abilities and moves to dodge incoming attacks. The greatest challenge when playing a Kung Fu Master is timing abilities with team members to achieve combos.
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