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Basic Fractals of the Mists GW2 Guide

time 2017-03-01 15:00

Fractals of the Mists are challenging GW2 dungeons designed for groups of five players. There is no level requirement to join a fractal dungeon but most players wait until max level to tackle them so they're considered end game content. Players are automatically scaled to level 80 but their gear will stay the same. It's possible to enter fractals before level 80 with a group of friends or guild members but most random groups won't accept leveling characters. It's recommended to do some exploration mode dungeons before adventuring into fractals. Players enter fractals using the teleporter in Lion's Arch. 
GW2 fractal dungeons have a difficulty that scales from 1 to 100. Difficulty is chosen when players enter the fractal. Each player account has an attached fractal level that starts at level one. This level is increased by completing fractals of equal or higher difficulty. So players start with level one, progress to two, three and so on to max level. Within a fractal players will find three mini dungeons and a boss fight. Mini dungeons have random maps. There a list of possible maps themed around various landscapes or game areas. Different maps reward different XP. It's common to reenter a fractal until players get the desired map. 
As players progress into higher level fractals they'll notice effects and events called instabilities. These are dungeon modifiers that can add extra mobs or put debuffs on players. One instability is introduced at level 26, at level 51 there will be two and at level 77 players have to deal with three instabilities. Agony is a mechanic through which enemies deal more damage at different tiers. Fractal rewards are based on a player's fractal level. Karma is acquired according to this level. This is a GW2 Gold used to buy a large variety of cheap GW2 items. Blue or better gear and other fractal related items are part of the rewards list. 

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